Patient Stories

Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire and the medical team at Michigan Knee Institute appreciate feedback from our valued patients. Do you have a story to share?

Cammi G. Google Review
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Dr.DeClaire, Where do I start. He is The surgeon who gave me quality back in my life after doing my knee replacement. Being 35 years old it was a big deal to me. His personality is great and he is personable and he listens to you and doesn’t make you feel rushed. His bedside is outstanding. I trusted him in his skills and knowledge. He fixed my knee and I was blessed to have a wonderful surgeon. I am so very thankful for him and his staff. What a wonderful team and great experience I had with him.
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I couldn't be happier with the total experience of my bilateral knee surgery. Dr. DeClaire has always given me the time needed to have questions or concerns answered. I had surgery on a Monday afternoon and went home three days later with a walker. The end result is that my new knees allow me to maintain an active lifestyle of 4-5 day bike trips, mountain climbing, and kayaking.
Del B.
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Nothing but Praise for Dr. DeClaire and his team and MIAS. Very good care, fast and quick diagnosis.
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At age 55, I had knee replacement surgery. My biggest concern was the ability to continue to play hockey… I was back on the ice in less than three months, and playing in league games again within four months from surgery. Rollerblading and biking are also pain free now. His state of the art approach immediately convinced me… I would highly recommend Dr. DeClaire for anyone considering knee replacement surgery.
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I am completely satisfied with my knee replacement surgery performed by Dr. DeClaire… Dr. DeClaire thoroughly explained (in layman terms) the surgical corrective procedures to be followed. Following surgery, I carefully followed Dr. DeClaire's physical therapy rehabilitation recommendations. After a few months, I was able to do a variety of activities without pain or restriction. These include stair climbing, walking, use of an elliptical exercise machine, and snowmobiling; then, as spring arrived, I included bike riding, kayaking, gardening, etc. I feel great! Thank you, Dr. DeClaire!
Pat B.
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Twas a fantastic experience with large number of xrays to evaluate the knee pains that have continued for a long time after TKRs 2004, 2005, Exam by Dr. DeClaire was thorough and right knee brace shown and applied. Felt comfortable with suggested ways to improve knee function without so much pain. Nice to have followup appointment. Thankyou for scheduling an appointment so soon after original request! Pat Baumgarten DOB 12/10/45
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Awesome doctor his treatment plan was spot on, his staff was friendly and informative, near had to wait for appointments. Great doctor & team highly recommended
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Appointment was promptly on time, staff was friendly and courteous, and Dr. DeClaire spent more than enough time explaining my issue and the corrective path to resolve it. Very Pleased.
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The staff is very courteous and willing to answer questions Dr DeCLaire listens to my concerns and takes whatever time necessary to address them
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I feel as though I got my life back! I was not able to walk in a mall more than 150-200 steps before my partial knee replacement and now I am back doing all the things I love to do in the gym! Big thanks to Dr. DeClaire, the PT staff Michelle and Angela were phenomenal, and PA Meredith is so easy to talk to and addresses concerns and questions with compassion and wisdom.