Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire and the medical team at Michigan Knee Institute use the latest medical technology with a state-of-the-art medical facility to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes, for injured and damaged knees.

The Elite Knee

Dr. DeClaire’s groundbreaking Elite Knee procedure combines computer-generated imaging with robotic instrumentation and over 30 years of surgical expertise to provide a superior outcome for knee replacement patients. Using robotic technology and a ligament tensioning device to measure a patient’s ligament balance, Dr. DeClaire can determine the best implant position leading to a well-balanced knee replacement. 


The precision and accuracy of the Elite Knee result in a more successful knee replacement with reduced risk of complications, which can sometimes involve malalignment, instability of the knee, stiffness, limitation of motion, and pain. Patients undergoing the Elite Knee procedure report a 97% satisfaction rate after surgery. This surpasses the 81% satisfaction rate using traditional, non-robotic knee replacement techniques. 


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