John Serra

Patient Story: John Serra

In his mid-50s, John Serra faced debilitating knee pain with every step, signaling the need for intervention. Fortunately, he crossed paths with Dr. DeClaire, a turning point in his journey towards relief. Initially uncertain about the outcome of knee surgery, John’s doubts dissipated as he witnessed improvement post-surgery.

Encouraged by his progress, John embraced the recovery process, gradually reclaiming the ability to walk down the street pain-free. Stepping into Dr. DeClaire’s office for the first time, John recognized it as more than a standard medical facility—it was a place where knee surgery and reconstructive procedures were meticulously executed. Convinced he was in capable hands, John enthusiastically recommends this facility to others, emphasizing the magnificent results.

Having undergone surgery in 2017, the efficacy of the procedure was so remarkable that John occasionally forgets it was his left knee that underwent surgery. The initial challenges of therapy were surpassed with each passing day, making subsequent sessions more manageable. John’s dedication to his recovery was evident as he returned to work within a remarkably short span of a week and a half to two weeks, albeit with some cautious sitting. Walking daily, and by the three-month mark, even riding a bicycle, John reflects on the transformative impact of knee surgery, acknowledging Dr. DeClaire as the catalyst for this life-changing experience.