Joy Stevenson

Patient Story: Joy Stevenson

Joy Stevenson, known for her highly active lifestyle, found herself in severe pain, reaching a point where walking became nearly impossible during one summer. Despite her background in step aerobics, Zumba, hiking, and biking spanning two decades, her mobility had diminished to the extent that activities with her seven grandchildren became limited to sitting in a chair. Seeking a solution, Joy turned to Dr. DeClaire for knee replacement.

Dr. DeClaire’s team impressed Joy with their impeccable organization and thorough planning. A week before the surgery, she and her husband met with a physical therapist, engaging in pre-surgery exercises. The day after the surgery, they were back at the physical therapist, a testament to the swift and well-coordinated approach to recovery.

To ensure a stress-free experience, Dr. DeClaire’s team provided detailed exercise printouts, and post-surgery, Joy was equipped with a customized walker set to the right height. From the surgical center tour a week before the procedure to waking up post-anesthesia and immediately using the walker, the entire process was seamlessly orchestrated.

Joy speaks highly of Dr. DeClaire’s compassionate approach, emphasizing the unhurried nature of appointments. Recommending him based on her positive experience, Joy learned from others, including her neighbor, who had both knees replaced—one with a previous orthopedic surgeon and the second with Dr. DeClaire. Echoing Joy’s sentiment, her neighbor also highly recommends Dr. DeClaire and commends the entire staff for their kindness and helpfulness, ultimately facilitating a pleasant experience that enables a swift return to an active life.