Gerald Karwowski

Patient Story: Gerald Karwowski

Gerald Karwowski had his initial knee experience approximately 16 years ago when he was referred to Dr. DeClaire by a friend. At that time, he needed a knee replacement, but his previous doctor had deemed him too young for the procedure after two surgeries.

Upon consulting with Dr. DeClaire, they collectively determined that a total knee replacement was the best course of action. Opting for robotic surgery, Gerald spent only a brief time in the hospital and was walking home by noon. His most recent knee replacement, on the right knee, was also performed robotically.

Before the surgery, Gerald’s mobility was severely restricted; he could only walk a short distance before experiencing discomfort. This limitation became evident during a family vacation in Colorado, where his knee swelled up, forcing him to rest frequently. Post-surgery, after just three weeks of therapy, Gerald achieved remarkable flexibility. During therapy, professionals were astonished by his ability to bend his knee at 90 degrees, a feat that took three weeks to attain after his first knee replacement.

Impressed by Dr. DeClaire’s expertise, Gerald wholeheartedly recommends him, having already referred a few friends. When asked if he would undergo surgery with Dr. DeClaire again, Gerald advises others to conduct their research, emphasizing the doctor’s state-of-the-art techniques and innovative procedures that set him apart. He highlights the significant improvement in mobility after the surgery and praises the top-notch experience from check-in to post-surgery, acknowledging it as the best surgical facility he has encountered.