Patient Story: Joan Hall

Joan Hall underwent a partial replacement of her right knee three years ago, an experience marked by significant pain and an accelerated recovery process that allowed little time for healing. When her left knee began causing discomfort, Joan opted to consult with Dr. DeClaire based on her son’s positive experience with knee surgery and the acclaim Dr. DeClaire received from therapists during her son’s therapy sessions six or eight years prior.

Remarkably, Joan’s recovery from the recent surgery exceeded expectations. Despite only three weeks passing since the procedure, the pain level was significantly lower compared to her previous knee surgery—reaching only 25 percent of the prior discomfort. Joan expressed satisfaction with the ability to undergo therapy without the need for pain medication.

Dr. DeClaire’s warm, reassuring, and responsive approach to answering questions contributed to Joan’s positive experience. Reflecting on her journey, Joan enthusiastically recommends Dr. DeClaire to friends and others contemplating knee replacement or partial replacement. Drawing a stark comparison with her previous experience, Joan emphasizes the warmth, helpfulness, and comfort provided by Dr. DeClaire and his entire staff, making this knee recovery far superior to her past encounter. Even by the second day, Joan’s upbeat mood and happiness prompted her to convey her satisfaction when contacted by the staff, and her husband echoed the sentiment, describing the recovery as nothing short of phenomenal.