Jeffrey DeClaire, M.D.: One of Only National Physicians Participating in Smart Watch Study Tracking Activity Level of Knee Replacement Patients

Jeffrey DeClaire, M.D., founder of the Michigan Knee InstituteRochester, MI, is tracking the recovery and activity level of his knee replacement patients before and after surgery via their smart watches. Using artificial intelligence through a patient’s smart watch, Dr. DeClaire and his medical team can track progress made before and after knee replacement surgery. Dr. DeClaire is one of a handful of physicians to participate in the national study where a patient’s progress after surgery is tracked through their smart watch and the mymobility app. Participants in the study are also required to do daily recovery exercises, record progress notes and report back via text to Dr. DeClaire and his staff.

With 250 of his knee replacement patients enrolled, Dr. DeClaire and his patients will avail themselves of the program’s artificial intelligence (AI) to help determine if education and exercise remotely guided by the watch and app are as good as or better than traditional education and outpatient physical therapy.

“As physicians we are obligated to seek out the most technologically advanced methods for helping our patients,” says Dr. DeClaire, who is known for pioneering new surgical techniques as well as for his innovative research. “The watch uses AI to collect the patient’s activity data and shares it with the app on the patient’s smart phone. The app messaging feature allows patients to send photos, ask questions, and provide updates to me and my team, with such timely communication ensuring the absolute best care possible.”

In the past, says Dr. DeClaire, he would typically see patients for a postoperative visit and then wouldn’t be in contact with them until their one-year follow up. “With this technology, my staff and I communicate with some patients daily about their step count, gait speed, stand hours, flights of stairs and heart rate.”

Denise Erhart, a retired nurse who lives in Petoskey, MI and underwent knee replacement surgery says participating in the smart watch study was ideal.

“Being a nurse, I appreciate research and loved the idea there would be a second set of eyes watching my progress,” she says. “Dr. DeClaire’s office sent me educational information, as well as exercises—which they tracked. I had the app on my phone and received prompts on my watch.  Using my smart watch was a terrific way to remain connected to Dr. DeClaire and his staff. It also gave me the comfort of knowing that I was doing things right.”

Jeffrey H. DeClaire, M.D.

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Jeffrey H. DeClaire is a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic knee surgeon and the Founder of Michigan Knee Institute, Rochester, Michigan. Dr. DeClaire performs over 1,000 knee surgeries annually and offers arthroscopy; ligament reconstruction; meniscus transplantation; cartilage regeneration; outpatient, partial and total knee replacement; and robotic surgery. He has also assisted in the design of implants and a ligament-preserving knee.

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