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OMNIlife science™, Inc. Achieves Milestone with OMNIBotics® Active Spacer

RAYNHAM, Mass.Oct. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — OMNIlife science, Inc. (“OMNI”), a privately-held medical technology company targeting the $15 billion global hip and knee replacement device market, reported today that the positive clinical benefits of the OMNIBotics® Robotic Active Spacer continue to be reinforced by more than 1,000 successful procedures performed to date. Orthopedic surgeons have been evaluating this revolutionary system that utilizes a miniature robot to ensure the ligaments will be “balanced” after the knee replacement.

A basic tenet of knee replacement is to balance the tension of the ligaments to ensure smoother knee function and better alignment. However, balancing frequently involves making small incisions in tighter ligaments to create equal ligament tension. The Active Spacer helps the surgeon position implants in anatomic alignment while maintaining ligament balance without having to incise ligaments. Early data on the use of the Active Spacer shows a much higher rate of patient satisfaction at three and six months post-surgery than typically reported in the literature.


“I’ve been doing knee surgery for 25 years,” stated Jeffrey H. DeClaire, M.D. (DeClaire LaMacchia Orthopedic Institute, Rochester Hills, MI), “and I’ve always been very focused on balancing the knee, but there’s never been any way to measure and validate ligament balance and ligament tension in knee arthroplasty until the OMNIBotics Active Spacer.  This is a real breakthrough because now I know that each total knee arthroplasty I perform is precisely balanced with consistency and reproducibility that significantly improves the accuracy of the procedure, in addition to facilitating improved patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.”

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