Michigan Woman Happy to be Moving Again After Chemo Damaged Her Knee

Kristie Bennett was only a junior in high school when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Her cancer caused her to lose vision in her eyes, and after her second relapse, physicians had to remove her eye and socket. More recently, she had another setback when the chemotherapy she underwent caused damage to her knee, leaving her in severe pain and unable to play with her beloved nephews and participate in the activities she loved.

When she asked her doctor about her options, they pointed her toward Jeffrey DeClaire M.D. at the Michigan Knee Institute.

“My doctor had called me and said that I needed a doctor’s doctor,” said Kristie Bennett. “And I didn’t understand that until I met Dr. DeClaire.”

Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire is an orthopedic knee specialist and pioneer in minimally invasive, robotic-assisted total knee replacement with over 20 years of experience and the head of the Michigan Knee Institute based in Rochester Hills, MI. Dr. DeClaire has been doing traditional knee replacements since 1987 and is known for his cutting-edge procedures, resulting in more successful outcomes. DeClaire’s groundbreaking Elite Knee procedure combines computer-generated imaging with robotic instrumentation and over 30 years of surgical expertise to provide a superior outcome for knee replacement patients.

Dr. DeClaire admires Kristie greatly, as he says that she is a happy and outgoing person, she doesn’t let things get her down, and she has an amazing attitude on life despite her condition.

After evaluating her knee, Dr. DeClaire found that she was the perfect patient for the partial knee replacement procedure, which has excellent outcomes and long-term results. Following her procedure, Kristie was able to return to the activities she loves, like playing with her young nephews and more, doing it all pain-free. She is extremely satisfied with the results of the procedure.

“It was tough to lose my eye,” she admits, “but being able to move and enjoy life is equally as important to me.”

Kristie Bennett said Dr. DeClaire is “a person that cares beyond just treatment and making sure it works, but he goes deeper, finds every issue, and corrects it. He is just so personable…it is not just a doctor visit with Dr. DeClaire. It’s like being with a good friend who really cares.”

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